Things I miss about Georgia

Arizona is not so bad so far but there are things I definitely miss about Georgia….

#1 Friends

It’s hard for me to make friends. I’m one of those shy, sensitive girls and it takes awhile for me to open up to people. I’m not someone who can just go up to another person and strike up a conversation. I had a small group of women who knew me well and were there to support me during the tough times. We’re only going to be here until September so I’m afraid that I won’t meet anyone who I can call a friend while we’re here.

#2 Teaching/school

I started substitute teaching for Pre-K, kindergarten, and first grade back in the fall of 2008. I always wanted to be a teacher but decided to go to college for broadcasting instead. I had started thinking about going back to school for education and wanted to see if teaching really was for me. I started subbing to gain some experience and to make sure that this is what I wanted to do with my life. It turned out that I loved being in the classroom! Shortly after I started teaching, I applied to a local college to start taking some education classes. Even though the classes were tough and time-consuming, I loved the work I was doing and loved the kids that I was able to teach. I had to stop taking classes last semester; however, because of our upcoming move. Most of my friends that I had made in school will be graduating this December. I’m a tad envious of them because it will be awhile before I can finish. I definitely cannot wait to have my own classroom when the time is right!

#3 Warm weather

Uh so I live in Arizona now and you think that would mean warm weather, right? Not so much. The last 3 days have been downright ugly. Rain, high winds, knocked out power, and snow. Yes, I said snow. In April. In Arizona. Who would have thought? I’m ready for the warmth and the sun.

#4 Chick-Fil-A

My favorite fast food restaurant. Sierra Vista is a pretty small town which means not many dining options – or shopping options for that matter. What I wouldn’t give to have a nice chicken sandwich with a side of waffle fries. Anyone willing to ship some to me?


One thought on “Things I miss about Georgia

  1. Katie

    I miss you so much!! Life has been so much different without my friend and workout buddy! I think I was more excited to see you then to work out! LOL!!! I also miss me some CFA!!


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