So I embarrassed myself…

Evan and I were invited out to dinner last night for one his classmate’s birthday. I was excited to go, try out a new restaurant, and meet some new people. Since we had a big group, we had to wait in the lobby so the staff could get the tables ready. As we were waiting, one of Evan’s classmates was talking about how she’s pregnant and how she just had her 12 week appointment. She acted like it was no big deal – she’s like “Yeah they gave us some pictures and stuff and that’s about it”. I tried so hard to hold back the tears but I could feel them coming so I had to walk outside to get some air. Evan didn’t seem to understand why I was so upset. I told him it was because when we went for our ultrasound appointment, we didn’t get to see anything. We weren’t sent home with pictures, we were sent home with a referral for surgery. I know it’s hard for him to understand how I’m feeling because this has affected me a lot more than it has him. I’m a sensitive person to begin with and this situation has just made me all the more sensitive. We’re supposed to go to a pancake breakfast next weekend with the same group of people but I know I’m going to feel embarrassed because of the situation last night. Sometimes it feels like I just can’t win….


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