More infertility bitterness and where we may be moving to next.

Another week has passed by and still no AF. I’m getting very frustrated about this because it means that I can’t get my shots finished at the health clinic for my job yet. I went back to the doctor last Thursday and she told me if my cycle doesn’t start in a week, they’ll do another blood test before deciding whether or not to finish up my shots. It just needs to show up so I can get paperwork finished and more importantly so we can start trying again this month. I had hoped that post m/c my cycles would become regular but of course I don’t get that lucky. If nothing happens by next Tuesday when I go to see the RE, I’m hoping they’ll give me something to get things going. I’m also hoping that he’ll put me on Clomid again but a higher dosage this time. I’m also planning on discussing possibly doing IUI next. I’m getting stressed out about getting pregnant again because our TTC timeline may be shorter than I would like it to be because of Evan’s job. Evan’s job may affect our efforts because of a possible upcoming deployment. He is almost halfway through his career course which means that we will know where we’ll be moving in September very soon. The assignments were sent out this past Friday along with something called the Order of Merit list. Basically, this list ranks the members of the course according to how long they have been home from deployment. Because Evan’s last job was a non-deployable job, he’s near the end of the list. This means that he’s probably not going to get what he wants as far as jobs go. There are two assignments with immediate deployments. Other assignments have deployments coming up in the next 6 months to a year. If he gets one of the immediately deploying jobs, we’ll only have another 3 months or so to try and get pregnant again. I’m trying not to stress out too much about this until we get a definite answer about where we’re going. We go in together to interview with the assignments officer tomorrow morning and should know by the end of next week what’s going to happen. We know he’s going to have to deploy sometime in the near future but for selfish reasons, I hope it’s not immediately.

Positive news (for once, right?)… after struggling with some weight gain for the past few months, I finally had the courage to step on the scale this morning and found that I have lost 7 pounds! I attribute this to getting back into the gym at least 5 days a week and working out at home the other 2. We also decided to cut out red meat and eat vegetarian at least 2 nights a week. As I find more vegetarian recipes, we will bump it up to 3 or 4 meat-free dinners a week. I’m trying everything I can think of to stay healthy which will hopefully help me become pregnant again.


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