Finally an awesome doctor!

Well I just got back from the doctor a few hours ago and I’d say it went pretty well. He’s really nice, has 40 years of experience in endocrinology and took the time to actually listen to me. This is so much different from the last guy who wouldn’t give me the time of day! After reviewing my history, he diagnosed me with PCOS. I tried to tell the last doctor about this but he blew me off. I know my body! I was put on Metformin which should help me ovulate and the doctor is hopeful that I won’t need to use Clomid again. I still haven’t started a cycle yet but he assured me that this will start one. If for some reason it doesn’t, I’ll go back to him in 60 days to get a prescription for Provera. I start the Metformin tonight and I’m hoping that this will be the solution I’m looking for. I did some research online and many websites have said that this is an effective treatment for PCOS. He also informed me that women that have PCOS have a increased chance of miscarrying so this may have contributed to my miscarriage. He said if I become pregnant, he’ll keep me on the meds through the first trimester to help reduce the chances of miscarrying again. He also ran a blood test to check my thyroid. He told me that sometimes if women have underactive thyroids, it can also increase the chance of miscarrying. Finally, he wants me to start charting my basal body temperature every morning so we can chart my cycles. I’m so happy that he was so helpful and understanding. It makes me feel much more positive about things. He also questioned me about my last doctor and told me that he didn’t think that I received adequate treatment and was right in deciding that I shouldn’t go to him anymore. He said that I should have been receiving ultrasounds every month that I took the Clomid. Gotta love the crappy doctors right? I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the Metaformin will do it’s job! The only downside to this doctor is that I’ll only be seeing him one or two more times before we leave. Good news all around today!


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