Monthly Archives: July 2010

I’ve been a bad blogger

So I guess it’s been about 3 weeks since I wrote my last blog post. I’ve been very busy with work and my in-laws just visited for a week and left 2 days ago. Also, I have been stressing out about this whole infertility ordeal as usual. AF has still not shown up and it’s been almost 3 months. I’m debating calling the doctor a few weeks early to see if he’ll prescribe something to bring her on. He did tell me to give the new meds until August 15 but I feel like the longer we wait, the more time we’re wasting. Actually, I feel like I’ve been wasting the last 3 months of my life in the getting pregnant department. No AF = no ovulation = no babies. Makes me want to scream sometimes. I’m looking forward to next weekend however. Hubby and I are flying out to NC to look at houses! I’m excited that we finally have the chance to own something instead of throwing away money because we have to rent. I’ll try to do a big blog post with pictures and a more in-depth update after we get back next weekend.


Happy 4th of July and random thoughts

I hope everyone is having a good holiday weekend. Today I would like to thank all those soldiers who risk their lives everyday for our freedom. On this day, I would like to pay tribute to a fallen soldier and friend – we miss you very much Daniel. I hope everyone out there remembers the sacrifices that our military members make everyday of their lives.

In other news, the first week of work came and went. I’ve been working with the infants and pre-toddlers and will continue in the same room next week. Even though I work with 2 other women, it’s a lot of work. You wouldn’t think managing 8 children would be hard, but it definitely is. I do enjoy the work so I’m looking forward to the next few months.

Plans are being finalized for my in-laws trip out to see us here in AZ. We’ll be driving up to Phoenix in 2 weeks, spending the night at Evan’s aunt’s house, driving to the Grand Canyon on Saturday, driving to Sedona on Saturday night, and then driving back home on Monday afternoon. I’ll have to entertain the family while Evan is at work on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday so hopefully I can find some interesting and fun things to do.

My body has adjusted to the new medicine but so far AF has still no arrived. I had some unusual spotting but nothing compared to a “normal” cycle for me. I’ve been temping and the temperatures are still staying high so I can’t pinpoint ovulation or anything. This is very frustrating for us. Why can’t my body be normal? I have another month and a half before I can go back to the doctor which is also frustrating because I want things to happen now. I’m become a very impatient person. We’ve been struggling with infertility for over 2 years now and I definitely didn’t imagine us to still be in this situation.

Last random update – we’ll be headed to NC at the end of this month to look for a house to buy. We’re very excited to purchase our first house! I can’t wait to be able to paint and decorate. We’ve been renting together for the past 5 years so it will be great to finally have a place of our own. Definitely looking forward to our search.

Hope everyone has a relaxing long weekend! Enjoy some fireworks!