A break from the daily blog journal

I thought I’d take a few moments to write up a regular blog entry in addition to the daily blog journal entry. I finished up my last day of work on Tuesday. The ladies treated me to a pizza lunch and gave me a few going away presents. The kids are too little to understand that I wouldn’t be coming in the next day to play with them but I’ll still miss them the same. I have to stop in next Tuesday to pick up some paperwork so I’ll stop in the room to get my hugs from my favorite little girls.

The packers and movers came yesterday and today to gather up our personal belongings. We were told that we should receive our things around September 14th which would work out perfectly since we close on the house on the 13th. We are 11 days away from becoming homeowners! We can’t wait to get into the house and start getting things set up.

I had my last RE appointment here last Thursday. I took my charts in to show the doctor and he said that I definitely didn’t ovulate for the past 3 months. Not a total shocker but disappointing nonetheless. He decided to up my dosage of M.etformin from 1,000 mg a day to 2,000 mg a day to see if that will help my body out. My body is still adjusting to the change in dosage. I’ve been very nauseous and light-headed at times but it gets better everyday. He also gave me the go ahead to try the C.lomid again since I responded to it the last time. Still no signs of AF so I need to go into my primary care doctor on Tuesday for a shot of progesterone. It looks like Evan and I will not have much time to conceive because of an upcoming deployment. He will be gone for a month of training this winter then will deploy for 6 months to a year at the beginning of next year. We have discussed IUI and have come to the conclusion that it will be the best option for starting our family since we only will have a few months to try before he leaves. Now that we have a personal plan of action, I hope that I can get in to see the RE in NC before Evan leaves for his training. I hope he is also on board with what we want to do.


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