Back in the (blogging) saddle again

We made it across the country (again)! I can’t believe we did that drive a little over 5 months ago. I never, ever want to drive cross-country again. We started out at Ft. Huachuca and made our first stop in Albuquerque, NM. I did a little but of research beforehand and found a great Mexican place to have dinner at. We ate in the downtown area and then stopped at a local candy store and bought a few chocolate covered pretzels for dessert. They were wonderful! We got on the road early the next morning and headed off to Oklahoma City, OK. I guess I didn’t research the area enough here because our hotel was definitely in a bad area. We decided to stay in for the evening with the dogs so Evan ran out to pick up dinner. Out third driving day took us to Memphis, TN. I wish we would have been able to go sightseeing there because there looked like there was so much to do. It’s definitely on the list of places we want to visit in the future. We had a great dinner at a local BBQ restaurant and then got a good night’s sleep for our longest driving day. The next day, we drove to Asheville, NC which is about 4 hours outside of Fayetteville. We went to Subway and headed back to the hotel so we could watch the Eagles home opener. Unfortunately for us, they lost (but they won yesterday). We arrived in Fayetteville on Monday just in time for our final walk-through of the house. We closed that afternoon and started moving in right away. Our household goods came the following day. Unpacking went smoothly but we did find a lot of things that were damaged. We’re in the process of filing claims to have them fixed or replaced so hopefully everything is back to normal soon. We have some things that need to be hung but other than that, we’re pretty settled in already.

I went back to the gym on Wednesday. It was great to see some old friends that I met while we were stationed at Ft. Benning. I felt so lonely out in Arizona because we didn’t know anyone when we got there and we weren’t there long enough to make any good friends. The spin classes are awesome and I’m going to start taking a body pump class tomorrow. I haven’t done body pump since the miscarriage, so we’ll see how it goes. I bet I’m going to be sore!

I have my first doctor’s appointment on Friday. I was referred off-post unfortunately because there were no available on-post doctors. I’m hoping to get my referrals for OB/GYN as well as an RE referral so we can continue our infertility journey.


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