It’s finally here!

After 146 days of waiting and waiting and waiting, it’s finally here! Bring on round #5 of C.lomid. I’m not very optimistic that it will work on the first try but it would be nice if it would. I’ve already mapped it out on the calendar and found that Evan will be gone for our shot in November. I guess there’s always December and a month or two after that before deployment. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers please. I’m happy to be back in TTC mode again.

Also, my appointment at the doctor on Friday went well. I was kind of wary about going to another off-post doctor but this guy is pretty awesome. He’s friendly, kind, and seems to be very knowledgeable about PCOS. I explained to him our timeline dilemma so he’s going to call in my referral to see another RE so we can explore other options just in case I’m not pregnant again before Evan leaves. I should hear back from his office by the end of the week so hopefully getting a consult with the new doctor doesn’t take 2 months like it did when we were stationed in Arizona. I’m ready for things to turn around for us. My due date is fast approaching and we haven’t even had the opportunity to try again. I’m going to try and pretend that October 13th doesn’t exist.

3 thoughts on “It’s finally here!

  1. Kelly

    I'm definitely praying for you!!! Just try every other day. That's what we did when I was on it and this last time when I wasn't on it. It worked every time!

  2. Lauren

    That did work for us also on the 4th round of it last time. That's definitely our plan for this time around. I'm trying to think positively about this!!


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