May Angels Lead You In

Today is a very hard day for me. Evan and I should be welcoming our first miracle baby into this world but instead I’m still grieving our loss. I’ve been doing a lot better as far as dealing with the situation these past few months, but today is just hard. It hurts to look at the calendar because I had written “Baby’s due date” across today’s date. I tried to cover it up but I know it’s still there. I broke down in the car today as I drove home from the gym. I miss my baby even though I didn’t get to meet him or her. I miss being pregnant. I miss feeling like I’m waiting to give Evan the best present I could ever give him. Even though I will never forget about our first baby, I can’t help but think about what the future holds for us. Truthfully, I thought we would be pregnant again by now. It’s been over 6 months since our loss but still nothing. I hope our angel baby has a talk with God and lets him know that we’re ready for another chance.


One thought on “May Angels Lead You In

  1. Kelly

    I know it's a hard day. It's ok to feel sad and hurt. Our babies are all playing together and watching over us. Your day is going to happen soon. Things are moving in the right direction for you. Hang in there!


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