Off to the pumpkin patch

(Gross Farms – Sanford, NC)

Since the weather was beautiful today, Evan and I decided to head out to Sanford to pick pumpkins for the front of the house. Before pumpkin picking, we paid our admission and walked through the giant corn maze. We probably covered about 4 miles in the cornfield so that was my exercise for the day. I thought the maze was a lot of fun – I’m such a big kid 🙂 As we were heading out to look for our prefect pumpkins, we saw all of the families. I cannot wait until we have children to take to places like this. Everyone looked so happy and the kids were having so much fun. There was a giant trampoline, a playground, hayrides, and wagons that they could ride in as they went through the pumpkin patch.
Evan and I each picked out our own pumpkin plus got 2 little ones for Bella and Murphy. We have them sitting outside on the porch and will be carving them next weekend in preparation for Halloween. I just have to head over to Lowe’s sometime this week to pick up a few mums and then the fall decorations will be complete.

(Evan and his pumpkin)

(My pumpkin)

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