Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving has come and is gone for another year. Even though it was a lot of work, it turned out to be a great day. Since we were only having a turkey breast, I didn’t have to pop the turkey in the oven until 1:00. I utilized my free time in the morning to prep all of the sides and the dessert. I thought my pie crust was unusable because it kept crumbling when I tried to roll it out. Evan saved the day though – he fixed it and rolled it out for me while I continued with other preparations. I have to say that my favorites from dinner were the turkey and the cornbread stuffing. I’m looking forward to eating turkey sandwiches for lunch this week! We ended the day with a few football games then I settled in with a good book. I also made Evan pose for a few pictures, much to his dismay. I needed some new shots to choose from for our annual Christmas card. Here are a few pictures from the day to enjoy.

(Our Thanksgiving table)

(Bella hates the camera)

(Murphy’s favorite spot)

(Family picture)

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