Remembering our little angel babies

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to remember our 2 angel babies over the Christmas holidays. I was in Hallmark the other day looking for a birthday card for my best friend and I decided to look through their massive amount of ornaments that were on display. I found this and immediately thought of our babies. It will always have a spot on our tree every Christmas to remind us of our angels watching us from above.

(The caption says:
“Every life leaves something beautiful behind”)
The lady who checked me out made a comment that the ornament is a sweet way to remember someone that has been lost. I couldn’t agree more. The holidays will be hard to get through especially since both sets of parents know about the most recent miscarriage and will most likely be asking a ton of questions.
My RE appointment did get bumped up by almost 2 weeks though. Lucky for me, the appointment falls on my birthday. Maybe that’s a good sign?

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