12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge – Day 14

I guess I’ve finally reached the end of the 12 (really 14) days of Christmas blog challenge. I’ve gained some new followers, found new blogs to read and got some great baking and craft ideas from this challenge. I really enjoyed participating in it!

The final topic of the day is: Oprah’s Favorite Things: What item(s) would I want if I were in the audience?
Oprah gives away a lot of awesome things. Have you ever watched one of her favorite things episodes? Seeing how the audience reacts is probably the best part about them. These women are insane! Anyways, if I were in the audience I would love to score a trip to London and Paris. I’ve never been to London before and I’m dying to go there someday to experience the British lifestyle (and to go to a foreign country that actually speaks English). Also, I would love to go back to Paris again to see all the things we didn’t see the first time. There is so much to do and experience there. It can’t be all accomplished in one trip.
I’d also like a new car for my husband so he can stop complaining that he wants a new one even though he just bought one 3 years ago. He’s never satisfied with the car he has. He’s always wanting something new. 🙂
Hope you all enjoyed the blog challenge as much as I did! Happy Holidays!

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