New RE appointment

Yesterday was the big day. I finally got to meet with my new RE! The appointment went very well and I was happy with the outcome of our discussion. After our introductions, I told him about my history, reviewed my current medications and discussed the miscarriages. He is satisfied with the dosage of M.etformin that I’m currently on but wants to add a daily dosage of baby aspirin to my daily regimen of meds. He said that the aspirin may help thicken my uterine lining and could help decrease the chance of another miscarriage happening. At this point, I’m willing to try anything to stop this from happening again.

We decided to try one or two more cycles of C.lomid. Instead of taking the 50mg, I’ll be bumped up to 100mg. I’m currently on cycle day 35, so if a cycle doesn’t start by Monday(and I get a negative pregnancy test), I will start 10 days of P.rovera. I told him that I’ve taken P.rovera two times before with no success, so he told me that I should call him right after the holidays if AF hasn’t shown up. If this happens, we’ll go forward with a progesterone shot to help out. The only possible wrench in this plan is the fact that Evan will be gone for a few weeks in January. If I have to go through with the P.rovera but it doesn’t work, then I’ll be ovulating most likely when Evan is away. I’ll hold off on the C.lomid if this is the case and we’ll have one last shot in February.
The doctor and I also discussed the possibility of going forward with IUI while Evan is deployed. He said as long as Evan and I are onboard, then so is he. The only problem is that we would have to freeze sperm and Evan (understandably) is a little wary and uncomfortable about this. We’re going to have a discussion about this when he gets back from his work trip. I hope I can convince him to go along with this treatment because I really don’t want to have to postpone TTC for 7 to 10 months.
If and when I get pregnant, the doctor assured me that he would monitor me with blood tests, exams and ultrasounds from the very beginning of the pregnancy. I would stay on with him until he’s comfortable releasing me to a regular OB.
Finally, we discussed possible reasons why I’ve miscarried twice this year. I asked if the C.lomid has anything to do with it. He said most likely not but he can’t entirely rule it out. I’m a little scared to try it again but if he says it’s ok, I trust him. When he ordered my labs, he ordered a test to see if I have any clotting disorders which can be a cause of miscarriages. No other doctor has explored this so I’m anxious to find out the results from that.
It looks like I’m just waiting on AF to show so we can move on with the next round of meds. Please pray that she shows up soon so we can get this show on the road again!

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