I can’t believe I did it

My follow up appointment with Dr. P was this morning. We did another ultrasound and blood draw. He reviewed the ultrasound results and was happy with the follicles. I was told that if I could go see Evan on Thursday, then I should go ahead and give myself the trigger shot tonight. Nurse D. showed me how to give myself the needle, wished me luck, and sent me on my way. Since Evan isn’t involved in any training exercises until the weekend, he decided to ask his commander if he could take Thursday and Friday morning off so we could meet up. I guess his commander was sympathetic to our situation because he said yes! It’s a miracle that he’s getting a day off for this. We’re going to meet halfway between here and there which means about 5 hours of driving for me. I better load up the Ipod with some new tunes. I’m so thankful that we have been given this opportunity. I just hope our timing is right!

So the needle… I was psyching myself out all night at the thought of having to stick myself in the stomach. After some great reassuring text messages and moral support from a few friends, I worked up enough courage to go through with it. I put Evan on speaker phone and he didn’t prove to be much help. I was literally shaking as I was prepping the area and he’s shouting “Don’t be a wimp – just do it!” Thanks. I did it and honestly it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. However, I don’t want to do it again. If this cycle turns out to be a bust, I have about 2 weeks worth of injections to look forward to. Any extra thoughts and prayers would be appreciated in the next couple of weeks. I really, really, really hope that this is our month.

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