To Twitter or not to Twitter?

I’ve been debating about whether or not to make a Twitter account? It might be nice to try but on the other hand, it might just turn into another tool of procrastination. What do you all think?


4 thoughts on “To Twitter or not to Twitter?

  1. AngieDMac

    I have one, and I don't nearly use it as often as I could. Plus I don't really have enough followers that would even care to read my "tweets". So under those circumstances, I don't know why I have one. 🙂 Now if you do know a lot of people who have and use it, then you'd be okay. It's good for all the "right now" moments when you want to announce something exciting.

  2. Carissa

    I totally love my twitter and I don't think it adds to the procrastination, I think it just redirects it :)I get on other social media less instead of spending more time in general.

  3. Robyn :)

    I have one but never use it anymore. I just update on Facebook. I actually started my Twitter back before it was popular. I learned about it at a technology presentation during inservice at work and thought — hey, that's cool!!!


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