What I’m loving right now

I’ve been talking a whole lot about school and infertility lately so I thought I’d post something totally unrelated to these 2 topics. I’ve decided to share some things that I’ve been loving lately.

1. How I Met Your Mother – Evan and I just started watching this show about 2 months ago. So far we’ve made it through seasons 1 & 2. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed harder at a show. This show is legen… wait for it…dary!
2. Modern Family – Another awesome show that I recently started watching. I love Netflix! The characters are so unique and quirky. I love how awkward Phil is and how sarcastic Claire is. My best friend and I say we channel Claire’s personality often. I was so addicted to the first season that I watched it all in a week.
3. Panera Bread – We finally got a Panera here in Fayetteville! I may have a slight obsession with their chicken noodle soup and iced green tea. I actually went over there for lunch yesterday 🙂
4. Taylor Swift – Now I’m not big on country music or female artists for that matter, but I just downloaded her new album onto my ipod and I think it’s absolutely amazing. She’s so talented in her singing and songwriting. I really love the songs “Haunted” and “Never Grow Up”.
So now that I’ve told you what I’m loving now, what are some things that you’re loving? Any movies, books, music, or television shows I need to check out?

2 thoughts on “What I’m loving right now

  1. Lauren

    I'd be loving that too if we had our taxes done already. We always have to wait until the last minute because we don't get all our needed forms in early! Glad you have yours done already 🙂


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