Tap in Thursdays #2

I’m participating in another Tap in Thursday hosted by the ladies over at Spouses, Army Strong. Head over to their blog if you’d like more information and/or to link up your blog.

The topic this week is “Restaurants, DFAC, and Take Out”. – I’ll be providing answers for Ft. Bragg, NC.
1. What are your favorite restaurants near post?

We love going to restaurants that aren’t part of a chain. If we decide to go out for a meal on the weekends, we usually head to the downtown area of Haymont. Pierro’s is a great Italian restaurant. I love their garlic bread knots and the cannoli. The cannoli is definitely the best. We also enjoy The Mash House which is close to the mall. It has a wide variety of menu choices and they brew their own beer (which Evan loves) and make their own root beer (which I love). If I’d have to pick a chain restaurant to go to, it would be Panera Bread. I may have a slight obsession with their chicken noodle soup and iced green tea.
2. What restaurants are family friendly?

All three restaurants that I mentioned are family friendly. I’d probably say that most of the restaurants around here are family friendly though.
3. Where would you go to watch “The Game”?

I’m assuming we’re talking about The Super Bowl?? We’re staying in to watch it but we do go out to either Beef O’Bradys (downtown) or to the Carolina Ale House (near the mall) to watch the Eagles play when they’re not on the local channel. Both restaurants have the NFL television package and a ton of big screen TV’s to watch them on.
4. What take-out restaurants would you recommend to your best friend?

Well obviously Panera. I also enjoy Chick-Fil-A and Moe’s.
5. If you’ve eaten at the DFAC, how would you rate it?

The only DFAC I’ve ever eaten in was at Ft. Benning. Evan occasionally eats breakfast here and he isn’t particularly impressed with the quality of food.
6. If there aren’t any restaurants worth eating at, which ones are they? Why?

I don’t think I’ve ever been to a restaurant that wasn’t at least ok. We do tend to stick with our regular ones though…

3 thoughts on “Tap in Thursdays #2

  1. Sapperette

    How do you like Ft. Bragg? My husband and I had a choice between Ft. Richardson and Ft. Bragg, and we chose Ft. Rich because we didn't know when we'd ever have the opportunity to go to Alaska.

  2. Beckie

    We just left Bragg!I loooove the Ale House. Have you been to Luigi's? Heaven!Haha I vaguely miss it but…we're going to Hawaii so I can't complain. Ft. Bragg and the 82nd will always be home though.

  3. Lauren

    Bragg isn't bad; however, it is getting overcrowded quickly because of BRAC. I hate going into Womack and the commissary on some days. We have friends who are stationed at both Ft. Richardson and Hawaii and they're loving where they're at. We'd love to go overseas someday! Oh and haven't tried Luigi's yet. It may be a good place to try out when my in-laws come down for a visit 🙂


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