Military Monday Blog Hop #5

It’s Monday which means time for another Military Monday Blog Hop! Head over to April’s blog to link up your blog and to find new blogs to read!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! On Saturday, Evan and I ventured downtown to see “Blue Valentine”. Let’s just say it was ok. It was an interesting story but it was too long and drawn out. I’m going to miss our weekend movie matinees when Evan deploys…
Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday so obviously I was very excited. I’m already looking forward to next season and this one is just ending. I spent the morning cleaning and cooking because we were having some of Evan’s co-workers over to watch the game. I made cheeseburgers, fries, and dark chocolate brownies. I’m glad there are leftover brownies because they were so good! The game was pretty good – not a blow out so I was happy. I was glad to see that the Packers won because I can’t stand the Steelers. Oh did anyone think that Mike Tomlin (Steelers coach) looked like Omar Epps? Evan kept saying he looked like but I disagree.
This week is busy, busy, busy. We have a pre-deployment brief tomorrow night, my ultrasound and blood work on Wednesday morning, and our first Hail and Farewell since we moved here on Wednesday night. I’m hoping we get the green light for the trigger shot and IUI soon because I’m anxious to just get it over with. My freedom from undergraduate classes ended this morning. I did take a look at my new syllabus and there isn’t nearly as much work as I expected. Hope everyone has a great week!

4 thoughts on “Military Monday Blog Hop #5

  1. Mrs. Gu

    I was happy the Packers won as well! It was a great game to watch. And I agree with you on the Mike Tomlin – Omar Epps similarity.. It always kind of freaks me out haha


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