Life in general

Things are been pretty crazy this week between homework, doctor’s appointments, classroom observations, and military functions. I can’t believe it’s almost the weekend already. Time needs to stop flying by because that means that deployment is getting closer and closer. I’m definitely not ready for Evan to leave but it’s just a matter of time now.

My doctor’s appointment went well yesterday morning. My ultrasound showed 3 mature follies and my blood work showed good levels so Dr. P wants me to continue with the injections through Monday. Early (and I mean early) Monday morning, I’ll go in for another ultrasound to make sure everything is still looking good. If so, I’ll probably trigger Monday night and have the IUI done on Wednesday. Please, please, please let this work. My stomach looks like a pincushion and I’m so bloated because of the meds and I’m just downright frustrated with this whole thing anymore. It has to be my turn sometime doesn’t it? I also discussed my short luteal phase (time from ovulation to cycle day 1) with Dr. P. He agreed that we will check my progesterone levels this cycle to see if I need supplements.

I’m halfway finished with my first semester of education classes. I had some difficulty with securing my classroom observation placement but being a pain in the ass sometimes pays off. I started my special education observation today – 2 hours late though because of the threat of impending snow delayed the schools. When I woke up this morning, there was nothing on the ground. So frustrating! I’ll finish up these hours tomorrow then won’t be back in the school to finish my last 18 hours until after Evan heads out. He has block leave starting tomorrow and we have so much to get done before he leaves. Also, my in-laws head down here next Friday so we need to prepare for their arrival.


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