I think I’m ready to talk about my appointment yesterday since I had my meltdown last night. I went in for a follie check and a blood draw to see if we’d be ready to proceed with IUI #1 on Wednesday. The ultrasound tech commented that I had 2 good sized follies and that everything looked great. Nurse D. also made the same comment when she looked at the ultrasound pictures and the report. She gave me the trigger shot and told me that if my E2 levels were between 200-1,000 then I would trigger that night (Monday) and come in for the IUI on Wednesday. Great. I left thinking that everything was good to go.
Dr. P. calls me around 1:30 to tell me that even though I have 2 good sized follies, my E2 level was only at 92. WTF? It should be much higher by this point. He told me to keep doing the G.onal-F injections and come back in for another ultrasound and blood draw on Thursday. We might have to go ahead and cancel this IUI because Evan leaves bright and early Tuesday morning. If everything looks good on Thursday and we can do this on Monday, that’s the only way it’s going to happen. It is President’s Day and they might be closed so that may throw another wrench in the plan. If not, I’m just going to ask to trigger on Thursday night if the follies still look good, have timed intercourse (isn’t it sad that our lives have to run on such a schedule), and hope for the best. I am beyond stressed out about this and the deployment. I just sat in the house crying yesterday because I was so upset. On the bright side though, we did go ahead and do the freezing today. I am just so tired of the stress and the meds and seeing AF come every month. When will this end?

6 thoughts on “Frustration

  1. Jacqueline

    I'm sorry you had a delay in your first IUI… We just came off the fertility treatment journey after 2 very long years. I know how frustrating it can be.I wanted to mention though, I know my center I went to did IUI's and IVF's on the weekends too, because the doctors have a lot of control but still can't control ALL the timing of women's bodies. I hope you get to follow through with this first IUI. With your husband having to leave have you thought about freezing his sperm? We did it, our center had a 'military special' we had so many tubes we could freeze for a certain price.I wish you the best of luck in your journey!!

  2. Lauren

    Thanks for the advice! I think my doctor is pretty flexible so I'm hoping for the best. We actually did the freezing today so I can keep trying while he's gone.

  3. Ash@Life As Lucy

    oh Lauren, everytime I read your posts my heart aches for you. I am so blessed to have my daughter, but you know we've struggling for our second baby. I can't imagine life without Caylee and reading this makes me feel selfish… I am keeping everything crossed for things to work out for you finally!!! And know you aren't alone! Sending loving thoughts your way. Ps. We need to find each other on FB. email me so I can look you up =] If you don't mind

  4. Shana

    I totally understand! We had to do our first IUI 2 days AFTER he left for training and then tried timed intercourse during his 4 days pass before his deployment. I ovulated 2 days AFTER pass… I just cried and cried. Between Army and civilian we couldn't catch a break…. now just to smile and pray. He has been deployed almost 8 months now!


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