Gluten free

I’ve been doing a lot of research this past month on gluten free diets. Some women who suffer from PCOS have benefited from going entirely gluten free. According to many articles I’ve read, gluten intolerance can be a cause of infertility, as well as miscarriages. Since I’m cooking for myself for the next year, I figured that this is the perfect time to try this out. I’m more than willing to try anything that might help with these fertility issues.
I’ve almost cleared the house of all non gluten free foods, so it looks like I’ll get to start the diet sometime later this week. I think my biggest challenge will come at lunch time. I love, love, love my turkey sandwiches and it’s going to be hard to give them up. I’ve heard that gluten free breads aren’t the best-tasting food – not too mention they’re crazy expensive! I think I’m going to try to eat more salads and soups during lunch. I’ve already picked up a gluten free pancake and waffle mix to help add a little variety to my breakfasts. I also found a great slow cooker website that has all gluten free recipes. Tonight, I made my first gluten free dinner. I made a turkey meatloaf (quick cooking oats replaced the breadcrumbs), a baked sweet potato, and corn. The meatloaf tasted good! On the menu for tomorrow night is risotto with chicken and corn. I’m so glad I can still eat potatoes and rice. I don’t know what I would do without some carbs.
Has anyone else tried this diet? If so, has it helped?

3 thoughts on “Gluten free

  1. Robyn :)

    No, but I have a suggestion. Even if the bread doesn't taste that good, toasting sometimes helps.I'm curious to know how the gluten free pancake mix tastes. I have some and haven't used it yet.

  2. amiracle4us

    I have a cousin and step mom that both have celiac disease that requires them to eat gluten free only unless they end up quite ill. It is VERY hard to stick to and takes a lot of preparation and planning and patience. The different of ingredients between brands is amazing- Ie heinz catsup is okay, hunts is not. It takes a lot of reading. It is though, relatively healthy as long as you watch your intake (easy to gain weight if you don't be careful). I have thought about it for other reasons, but I love my break and pasta too much! And I do like a beer or two on the weekends! Good luck to you and I hope it helps 🙂


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