Infertility sucks

1st IUI = a giant waste of time and money.

My temperatures dropped below my coverline on Monday and Tuesday but AF didn’t show up. My temperature went up slightly this morning and still no AF. What did I do? Took a pregnancy test. Of course it came back negative then AF showed up 2 hours later. Looks like I’m back to square one. Again.
I’m beyond pissed off.

11 thoughts on “Infertility sucks

  1. Ash@Life As Lucy

    AF won't come for me but i'm cramping- not sure if its implantation or AF but the tests are coming out negative and i'm going crazy. I'm sorry you have to start all over again. My heart goes out to you Lauren ❤

  2. Ash@Life As Lucy

    I'd be about 3 weeks so that's what I'm thinking! I'm just trying so hard not to get too excited because I don't want the disappointment again- I know you understand that, more than most

  3. Lauren

    As hard as it is, step away from the HPTs and wait a few days. If you're having all these symptoms it's a good chance you could be pregnant! But seeing a BFN every day if it's still too early is going to drive you crazy. If you can, wait 3 days and then test again.

  4. Janet Chadwick

    Ahh.. sorry to hear that! In South Africa, you can only get single packs of pregnancy tests, which is just so stupid, because if you're not pregnant, you're going to get another test for the next time, and if you are pregnant, you will probably do a couple more to make sure. I was feeling nauseous, and gaining weight, and really moody and my period was late, so I did a test. Negative HPT, but I did find out I have candida from some antibiotics, which apparently has the same symptoms as preg.. 😦


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