Starting over

Well it’s cycle day 3 tomorrow which means it’s time to start another round of injections. I talked to Nurse D this morning and she told me that I’ll be starting out with 150IUs instead of 75IUs. Hopefully this means that I won’t be sticking myself for almost 3 weeks like last cycle. I go in for my first ultrasound and blood draw next Friday. I’ll definitely be talking to Dr. P. about last cycle’s chart. I know different medicines can mess with the temperatures, but I’m 99% sure that I ovulated the day before the IUI. We have to talk about timing – maybe we can do the next IUI 24 hours after the trigger shot instead of 36. Time is running out. We only have this month and next month. If I’m not pregnant then nothing can be done until this deployment is finished. Stupid deployments.

Evan and I talked the other night about what we’ll do if the IUIs don’t work. We both agree that IVF will be the next logical step. I’ll also discuss this with Dr. P. to see what he thinks about it. I’ll have about 8 months or so to get my body into the best physical shape it can be in. I’ll also need that time to get my mind into the right state. I’m trying to find a part time job so I can start saving up money just in case this has to be our next option.
I’m still very upset and disappointed that this didn’t work but I have to try and stay positive that this cycle will be our lucky one. Easier said than done though. It’s especially hard because Evan’s not here. Sure we can talk about it through emails and on the phone, but it’s not the same as him being here. I’m ready for him to come home already.

4 thoughts on “Starting over

  1. Anna

    I think this is my first time posting…I've been following your blog for a little while now. I'm sorry to hear this and am praying.


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