I give up

I went in for my follow up ultrasound this morning and the moment I saw my ovaries pop up on the screen, I knew something was wrong. On Friday, there were a few follicles that were small to average. However, today there were so many. I’m definitely not an expert at reading an ultrasound but I knew that a lot of them looked very big. There were so many follicles and the ultrasound tech couldn’t measure them all. She just wrote “additional follicles found” in the comments section. After looking at the report, Nurse D said there were 5 mature follicles and about 5 more that were close to being mature. She said she thought that this cycle would be cancelled, but Dr. P. would be the one to make the final call after finding out my E2 levels.

Nurse D left a message while I was taking my P.raxis test this afternoon. She said my E2 was only at 136 when it should have been way above 1,000 because of the amount of follicles present. They don’t want to chance overstimulation so they’re canceling the cycle. I’m off the meds for the rest of the cycle. I now have to wait until cycle day 1 to go back in for another appointment. I’ll have to go in for a baseline ultrasound and a possible HSG to try to figure out what’s going on.

Right now, they’re clueless. They have no idea why there are so many follicles but such a low level of hormones. I assume my meds or dosages might have to be changed depending on the result of the baseline ultrasound. Nurse D mentioned that girls with PCOS usually have two extremes when it comes to the meds. Either we don’t respond fast (or well) to the meds or we respond too well. Last cycle it was too slow, this cycle I responded too well. Damn you ovaries.

This is like a final stab to the heart. No 2011 baby for us.

IVF is becoming more of a reality with every failed cycle.


6 thoughts on “I give up

  1. amiracle4us

    Not failed….just cancelled. I know that it sucks and hurts. The reality of another Christmas without a little one breaks my heart too 😦 Hang in there and hopefully next cycle you will have some answers as to whats going on. HUGS!

  2. Kelly

    I'm so sorry Lauren. Every time I read your blog, I hope for better news. I'm thinking about you. I really hope they figure out what is going on. It's ok to be jealous of your friend too. It's ok to cry and feel sad. I'm sure she'll understand if you aren't extremely excited for her.

  3. Jenny LeAnn

    It's a tough road to walk down… I'm in your boat sweetie. Yep… I'm a TTCer too 🙂 We've been trying a little over 2 years. We have tried iui one time – BFN (just with clomid) and then my hubby got deployed. He was home on R & R and I was hoping that b/c I had been on birth control for a few month and then got off that we would finally get pregnant – nope:) but you know what … My hope is in the the Lord and i know he sees every tear we cry. Praying for you and your famly. God Bless


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