How about a positive post?

Wow. I’ve been looking at my previous blog posts from this month and man, I am depressing. Instead of my standard complaining, I thought I’d write a more positive and upbeat post for a change of pace.

I just finished up my first quarter of online classes. Final grades were posted on Wednesday and I’m happy to report that I earned 2 A’s. I also received A’s in my Biology and Bio lab classes so the 4.0 stays alive for now. I’m in the last week of my geography class and I’m definitely ready for this one to be over. My new semester of education classes starts on Monday morning. I’ll be taking 2 classes that I’ve taken before while I was going to school in Georgia (Language Arts and Children’s Literature) in addition to another class (The Inclusive Classroom).
So I’ve been debating for the last few months whether or not I should switch my program from strictly a teaching certification program to a master’s degree program. My advisor and I spoke at the beginning of the week and worked out a plan so I could still be finished in June 2012. I have to take 3 graduate classes each quarter up until student teaching next March but this allows every class to still be covered by the G.I. Bill. I’m so glad we were able to figure this out because this school is not cheap! They charge $2,000 per 3 credit grad class. It’s going be a challenge, but I’m definitely up for it. Next year, I will have my teaching certification, as well as my Master’s in Teaching Learning and Curriculum Design. I’m so ready to have my own classroom!
Also required for my certification is the P.raxis test. This is a series of 3 tests and I took the first part last Monday. I was so nervous because the practice tests were hard and I needed a 172 in both reading and math and a 176 in writing. I got my scores immediately for reading and math. I scored a 183 in reading and a 181 in math (shocking). I’m terrible at math so I was surprised to see how well I actually did. I have to wait about 2 more weeks to find out my writing score because my essay needed to be graded. Hopefully I did just as well. I’ll be taking the final two sections of the test sometime in the early fall before student teaching.
Coming up later this weekend a post on my gluten free diet!

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