The new plan

I went in for my blood draw this morning and talked to Nurse D this afternoon about what to do next. She said my blood work shows that I might start my cycle soon but to go ahead and start the P.rovera tonight to give my body a jump start. I’ve been having cramps all afternoon so I’m going to hold off on taking my first pill until tomorrow. I’m going to give AF one last chance to show up on her own. My chart still shows no ovulation so obviously this is another anovulatory cycle. Awesome. I hate my body.

Here’s my next dilemma. Dr. P.’s office is going to be closed the last week of this month for vacation. This means that AF needs to show up in the next 2 days or needs to stay away until the end of next week or I might already be out for this cycle. The plan once AF shows up is to take F.emara on days 3 – 7, go in for monitoring on day 10, and then make a decision whether or not to add G.onal-F or another injectible into the mix. We decided to try something different this time because we don’t want another cycle with overstimulation. If everything goes as planned, then I should be doing IUI #2 at the beginning of May. If the timing is off, I suppose I won’t be doing anything until the end of May/beginning of June. I’m hoping the universe doesn’t eff me over as usual.


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