What seemed like an ordinary day

As most of you know multiple tornados came through North Carolina on Saturday afternoon. I knew tornadoes had hit other Southern states on Friday, but I never thought my town would be affected by such severe weather. Tornadoes are more common the Midwest/Plains states not in the Southeastern states. The last time a tornado came through North Carolina was in 1984. Much to my surprise, tornadoes ripped through the center of town and were spotted on post. Thankfully, I wasn’t personally affected by the severe weather. Saturday seemed like just another typical day, except for the fact that my neighborhood lost power for a few hours. I nervously watched out the window, scanning the skies for some sign of bad weather and wondering where I could hide out with the dogs if needed. Except for a short rain shower, nothing happened. However, about 5 miles away, homes and businesses were being destroyed.

Once the power came back on, I immediately turned on the television to find out what was going on. I was shocked and saddened to see all the devastation and destruction that happened over such a short period of time. I frantically text messaged friends who live close to the affected areas to make sure everyone was ok. Again, thankfully, everyone was. Today was the first day I got to see firsthand what had happened to these homes. Driving down the freeway to get onto post today was surreal. The neighborhoods that I had passed on Friday that were normal and intact were now destroyed. Roofs were ripped off, trees and power lines were down, and homes were completely demolished. I cried as I drove past the horrible scene and felt sadness for those who lost everything because of the tornadoes.
I’ve been looking into some volunteering opportunities because I want to be able to help those who weren’t as lucky as I was. I will definitely be making a monetary contribution to the Red Cross and hopefully will be assisting with the clean-up. If anyone is interested in making a donation, you can go to the Fayetteville chapter of the Red Cross’s website or go to the main page for the Red Cross. Please keep the families in your thoughts and prayers over the next few weeks/months as they start to rebuild their lives.

6 thoughts on “What seemed like an ordinary day

  1. AJ and Katy

    I have a friend in Wake Forest who actually got married on Saturday and narrowly escaped the weather for their ceremony and then a tornado came afterward, but they were able to have their ceremony while the weather was still gorgeous. Funny how things work.

  2. Doc

    Tornados can be scary. I grew up in Iowa and we had them routinely every spring/summer, some sometimes as late as Nov. Two towns have nearly been obliterated in my area, and another one has been completely leveled in the last 50 years. I'm so sorry you had to see all this – prayers go out to you as you cope!


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