Day 56 and counting

It’s been 12 days since I finished my last P.rovera pill and still no AF. I called Nurse D and left message on Sunday night. She called while I was at the gym this morning and left a message. She said that sometimes it can take up for 14 days for the P.rovera to kick in so I need to wait at least 2 more weeks until they can make a decision on what to do next. My body is driving me insane. This is turning into another never-ending cycle even though we’ve already intervened once. It seems like all I’m doing lately is waiting. Waiting for AF to arrive. Waiting to see if the injections are working. Waiting for someone else to tell me that they’re pregnant.

My best friend is getting ready to tell her family that she’s pregnant this coming Sunday. What I wouldn’t give to announce to the world on Mother’s Day that I’m finally pregnant. What I wouldn’t give to celebrate a Mother’s Day with a child of my own. Maybe next year…

3 thoughts on “Day 56 and counting

  1. I-Candy

    I can only imagine how disheartening this must be for you. Sending lots of love and prayers. I am a new follower by the way. I found you thru Mrs O.Pop over to visit my blog if you ever have time :)

  2. Katrina

    Last year I announced a new pregnancy to my kids on Mother's Day. That was a fun day to announce such good news. Sadly, I only carried that little one a few more weeks and miscarried at week 11. Then 8 months later I conceived again – told no one but my husband – and lost that little one in the 10th week.Although I have never had a hard time getting pregnant, it seems that lately I'm having a hard time hanging onto the pregnancies :(It must be hard hearing of other friends' news on being pregnant. I'm sorry for your pain and frustration with that. For me, it hurts a bit to hear others' happy news, but it's different because I've have children and my recent issues are no doubt attributed to age. I can accept that and label it as "that's just life" — because it is in the natural cycle of life to not be able to bare children anymore when you reach a certain age (although some say 41 is not all that old, and plenty do have babies at my age) But it doesn't compare to having fertility issues when you are just starting out. I don't know how that feels. I can only imagine how hard that would be.I hope that next Mother's day you either have a little one in your arms to celebrate the day with, or one growing in your belly 🙂


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