I caved…

I wasn’t supposed to call my doctor until Friday, but this cycle has been beyond frustrating so I called last night and left a message. I got a message this morning that I had to go back to the lab for yet another blood draw to make sure I wasn’t pregnant. Unless the Immaculate Conception occurred, the test was going to be negative. For the third time.

I just got a call from Nurse D and surprise, the test was negative. Dr. P. wants me to go on birth control (which I’m not really happy about) for the next 3 weeks. Nurse D said it’ll give my body a chance to reset itself and I should start my cycle in about 21 days. Looks like this cycle will almost reach the 100 day mark. Fantastic. I just want it to be over so I can move on.

4 thoughts on “I caved…

  1. Jen Stanley

    I am sorry. I was hoping they would whip out the big needle for you. Well… not that I was happy about you getting stuck with a big needle, but you know what I mean.I hope the BC works for you.

  2. TwitchiVixen

    Ugh BC… Yuck. I never was able to find one that didn't make me sick. I guess looking back on it, I'm glad I had PCOS, otherwise I probably would have had a baby before I was ready. Then again, now that we are having so much difficulty getting preggo, I'd have taken teenage pregnancy over none at all. If you really don't want to take BC, have you thought about Vitex? It's dirt cheap, natural, safe to take with Met (if you're still on it), and it took less than a week after I started it to induce my period, which was on CD 500+. Wishing you lots of baby dust!

  3. Jen

    Ugh! I am soo sorry. I know you are frustrated, I wish there was something more they could do right now. Still keeping you in my prayers!

  4. Ericka

    I just got here from ICLW and haven't delved that deep into your blog yet, but sounds like you and I have the same Dr. 🙂 I love Dr. P, I just wish he could perform a miracle for me…and for you too! Good luck! I will follow you for this journey and wish you the best!


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