Feeling proud of myself

Not that the following will mean much to anyone except me, but I just wanted to share the kind comments that one of my professors shared with me concerning a paper that I had written this semester. I feel like school has been so draining and hard, but then I get this comment and it makes my work seem so much more purposeful. I can’t wait to get out there and start teaching!

Lauren – Great selection of titles and thanks for including pictures on the title page – nice touch!! This has been one of the best projects I have reviewed yet and I am more than halfway through the class. I really loved your social studies set on Abraham Lincoln (these are great books) and was introduced to some new books (the math set – thanks!). Your books are original, your standards are well aligned and your activities are creative, connected to both books and are age appropriate! Your annotations and standards are detailed and appropriate in scope and your mini-activities are thoughtful. Your mini lessons are a bit more expansive than I intended – but they are great! Nice work! I hope you get to try some of these activities at your school or with a young student. PLEASE let me know if I can this one as an exemplar example for future classes!! As usual Lauren – your work is outstanding! Thanks for all the effort you put into this course.

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