Milspouse Friday Fill-In #21

It’s Friday and time for the Milspouse Friday Fill-In. Head over to Wifey’s blog to link up!

1. Do you think civilians, in general, understand the meaning of Memorial Day?

I think most people understand what it’s about but I think the media has taught most people to associate Memorial Day (actually any holiday) with shopping, shopping, and more shopping. People need to step back for a minute and think about the sacrifices that our military members have made or are making in order to keep us safe.

2. What are your plans for the Memorial Day weekend?

Since E isn’t home, I have no definite plans. I’ll probably be holed up in the house for most of the weekend since I have a TON of homework to finish.

3. What skill/talent do you wish you had? submitted by The 3 Turners

I wish I knew how to use P.hotoshop. I would love to enhance some of the pictures that I’ve taken over the years. I also wish that I could play an instrument.

4. Which came first: The chicken or the egg? submitted by I Married Into the Army

I guess the chicken. Who would have laid the egg if the chicken didn’t come first?

5. What is the best thing about your post (base)? The worst? submitted by Randomly, Robyn

I love that fitness classes are free. When we were stationed at Benning, we had to pay $3 a class or $25 a month. It wasn’t too expensive, but it’s definitely nice that we don’t have to pay here. Yet. Rumor is that they’re going to start charging. I also like that we’re about an hour away from Raleigh, 2.5 hours from Myrtle Beach and the Carolina beaches.
The worst is the traffic and the drivers. People drive like they’re in a N.ascar race around here. I saw someone make a left turn from the right lane the other day. I’m shocked that there aren’t more accidents. Slow down!!!

3 thoughts on “Milspouse Friday Fill-In #21

  1. Alison

    Thanks, I've been a follower of your blog for a while. I was a little shocked when I saw you had to pay for classes at the gyms at Benning. Every post I have been to offered free classes, Fort Lewis even has free childcare!

  2. Lauren

    I think you have to pay for childcare at Smith Gym also but it's great that childcare is on site! Here at Bragg, most moms have to drop their child off at hourly care at a CDC. The construction was just starting when we left there last April, so I can only imagine what's going on now.

  3. navigatingcyberloss

    I'm here for the first time through ICLW. This is a really interesting post. I wholly agree with your points on Memorial Day. Since when did every holiday become about shopping? Memorial Day/Remembrance Sunday definitely shouldn't be about that. Best wishes, Casey


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