Not a Wordless Wednesday

I was planning to put up some sort of picture that represented some sort of celebration because I thought AF was coming today and that the cycle from hell part 2 was finally going to be over with after 85 days. Sadly, blogger friends, my body tricked me again. TMI warning….

I started spotting last night and woke up to more spotting, which usually means that AF will be here in full force by the afternoon. Oh no, not this time. The spotting stopped. I put a call into Nurse D to let her know what’s going on and to find out whether I should continue the birth control. She called me back this afternoon and told me that Dr. P. wants me to finish out the last week of the B.C. unless I start having a regular flow. Before we hung up, she said to me, “I hope you’ll be calling back soon”. Me too. UGH! I’m so over this cycle. I just want to move on and get on with IUI #2. Haven’t I waited long enough??

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