Milspouse Friday Fill-In #22

It’s time for the Milspouse Friday Fill-In. Head over to Wifey’s blog for the questions and to link up your blog!

1. It’s June now (woot!)… what plans do you have for the summer?

I do have a short break coming up in between semesters so I plan on taking it easy and hanging out by the pool. After my mini-break is over, it’ll be back to the grind with school. I’m finishing up my last 2 undergrad classes and taking 3 more grad classes. Can’t wait until this time next year, because it’ll be time to graduate!

2. What is your favorite summer memory as a kid?

I love Disney World so I’d have to say the time we went to Disney for 2 weeks right before my freshman year of high school. We went in August so it was unbearably hot but I had such a great time visiting all of the regular parks in addition to the waterparks!

3. If wild animals could be made pets without fear of them ever being dangerous, what kind of exotic animal would you want as a pet?

Well I would have to have access to a large body of water because I would want a dolphin. When I was younger, I was fascinated by dolphins and wanted to become a marine biologist so I could work with them. That dream was dashed when I realized that I sucked at biology.

4. Is there anything about deployments that you do like? submitted by The Thrifty Military Wife
I like being able to save a lot of money, choosing what I want to eat for dinner, and watching anything I want on TV or from N.etflix.

5. I’m starting to run out of questions again… so please give me a question you’d like to see (off-the-wall will most likely make it because we seem to have used a lot of the “traditional” ones).

What have you been doing to get yourself bathing suit ready for the summer?

One thought on “Milspouse Friday Fill-In #22

  1. marilyn

    This is fun!!! I loved Disney world too:) dolphins! Who doesn't like dolphins?! My mom went to mexico and brought back pictures if her swimming and kissing them!!! I was so jealous. Hmm question… Favorite actor or actress and why?


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