"I Would Die For That"

This song had me in tears this morning….


5 thoughts on “"I Would Die For That"

  1. marilyn

    I know..:( When I was going finding out my husband and i were infertile..I searched and needed music to help me through it. This song was found and i played over and over again just mourning what the doctors said. it is such a scary prognosis. It really takes time to heal from. This song helps a lot.hugs

  2. Jen

    Oh my goodness. I am sitting here in tears watching this. What a beautiful song, it hits close to home for so many people.

  3. TwitchiVixen

    I listen to this song all the time, especially when I need to cry. When I need some uplifting infertility music, I listen to Lady Saw's 'No Less Than A Woman'. It's reggae, so I don't cry as much 🙂


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