So this is going to be a random post with some general updates….

I finally got to start taking the F.emara yesterday! So excited to start the process for IUI #2. I had minimal side effects when taking C.lomid, so I wondered what F.emara had in store for me. Unfortunately, I developed a massive headache yesterday; however, today is much better and I’m not feeling any side effects at all. I’ll take my last pill on Friday morning and then head in for my first ultrasound and blood draw on Monday morning. Depending on what the ultrasound and blood draw show, we may or may not add in the injectibles. I want to be optimistic and say that the injections won’t be needed, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how my body responds to the pills.
This past weekend, I finally had my lawncare guy come and do some landscaping in the front yard. Every time it rains, I lose more and more mulch into the grass and driveway so I figured if we installed some edging, the problem would be solved. The main flower bed in front of the house is almost finished – we just need to get about 7 more edgers for the back. The two little beds on either side of the house are halfway finished and will be completed once H.ome D.epot gets the curved edgers back in stock. Hopefully I’ll be picking up the remaining edgers sometime this week. I also need to buy some more plants for my planters tomorrow and buy some supplies from the craft store to make a new wreath for the front door.

(Before landscaping)

(After landscaping)
I’ll have to post more pictures once everything is complete!
I’m thoroughly enjoying my short break from grad classes. Last week, I was able to clean the house from top to bottom. The house hasn’t had a deep cleaning for months because I’m always writing papers and reading textbooks. Note to self: do not let this happen again. I’ve also used the extra time to catch up on some reading. So far I’ve read – “If You Were Here” by Jen Lancaster and “Bossypants” by Tina Fey.
I loved, loved, loved Jen Lancaster’s book. This was her first attempt at writing a fiction book and I have to say that it was hilarious and very entertaining. If you haven’t read any of her memoirs yet, you need to check them out ASAP. I have to read her books when no one else is around because I randomly bust out laughing every 5 minutes or so. E. usually gives me the side-eye every time I read her books around him.
I was slightly disappointed with Tina’s book. I’m a big fan of 30 Rock and of Tina Fey herself, so I assumed that this book was going to be awesome. I’d give it a 3 out of 5. It had it moments but I just wanted more out of it. I kind of wish I would have just waited for it to become available at the library instead of buying it.
I’m currently reading “The Help” and have about 100 pages to go. I love the book so far. It tells a great story about the relationship dynamic between whites and blacks in the South during the Civil Rights movement. The movie is set to be released later this summer and I can’t wait to see it. I hope it’s just as good as the movie.
I have a new online addiction – pinterest. My friend, Kate, got me started on this website. I don’t have much on there now, but it’s slowly turning into a good time-waster.
I’ll end this post with some pictures of the furbabies. They’re in need of a major grooming that will happen later in the week.

Hope everyone is having a great week!


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