Follie check

Yah we didn’t see that on the screen this morning)

I went in for my first ultrasound of the cycle this morning. I had hoped that the F.emara worked and that we could proceed with the IUI without adding in the injections. Unfortunately that was not the case. Dr. P. took a look this morning and only found 1 follicle on my left side; nothing at all on the right. Nurse D told me that they wouldn’t make a decision on what to do next until my blood work came back this afternoon. I got the phone call about 2 hours ago and Nurse D told me that my E2 level was only at 5, which is apparently very low for being on cycle day 10.

The plan now is to start up the G.onal-F injections (starting today). Instead of going forward with the 150 IUs like last cycle, they decreased my dosage back down to 75 IUs. Hopefully this dosage works well. I go back in for a second ultrasound next Monday morning to see what’s going on in there.
While I was in the office this morning, I also asked Nurse D about the process to get on the IVF waiting list. She told me, “All you have to do is ask”. I told her that I was asking and we talked about E.’s deployment timeline. We settled on an April/May IVF cycle and that’s that. Hopefully we don’t need to go through with it, but we both agreed that it’s good to have a back-up plan just in case. If these next 2 IUIs are busts, then I have about 8 months to get into shape for IVF. I guess it’s back to being a pincushion for at least a week – let’s hope this works….

6 thoughts on “Follie check

  1. gkbccb

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  2. Ericka

    I think I saw you in the waiting room. I was there for a follie check too…it's amazing how the different drugs can change things so much from cycle to cycle. Anyhow, good luck! Hope the Gonal does the trick!!


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