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While I was cleaning out my closet the other week I came across my collection of CDs from high school and college. Over the past week and half, I’ve been listening to some bands that I fell in love with during my college years. I forgot how much I loved these CDs. Here’s what I’ve been rocking out to lately….

1. Brand New – Your Favorite Weapon
2. Fall Out Boy – From Under the Cork Tree
3. Alkaline Trio – Good Mourning
4. Taking Back Sunday – Tell All Your Friends
5. Good Charlotte – self titled

All of these albums bring back some great college memories… having the opportunity to be a DJ on my college radio station and playing this music for others, going to see all of these bands in concert (some more than others – I may have seen Good Charlotte about 15 times), meeting and hanging out with some of these guys (Good Charlotte and Taking Back Sunday), and discovering new music.

What were some of your favorite bands when you were in college (or if you’re still in college, what were some of your favs in high school)? Do you still bust out your CDs occasionally?


IUI #3 update

The clinic is finally open again so yesterday I went in for my first ultrasound of this cycle to check my follies out. The ultrasound tech was late coming in, so Dr. P. was the one to do the ultrasound. I was on CD 12 and only on the 10th day of stimming so I was shocked when Dr. P. asked if I had a trigger shot at home. I was like “No I don’t, but why would I need it so early?” He told me that I had a few, decent sized follies already, but we would have to wait to see what my blood work showed before deciding whether or not I would trigger on Saturday and have the IUI done on Monday morning.

Big shocker (sarcasm) when Nurse D called me in the afternoon with my blood work results. My estradiol levels were only at 52. This situation is looking strangely familiar. IUI #2.0 was cancelled after a high number of follies were seen but my E2 levels didn’t match up. The plan for now is to continue the G.onal – F injections through the weekend and to go back in bright and early on Monday morning for another ultrasound. I’m hoping that my body doesn’t go crazy over the weekend like it did back in March . Hopefully the levels will balance out and we can go forward with this last IUI at the end of the week/beginning of the next. The right side of my stomach is going to get tired of being stuck because I apparently gave myself a hematoma on the left side with the trigger shot last time around. I was told to stop giving myself the G.onal injections in the right side until the bruise is completely healed.

Milspouse Friday Fill-In #27

This week seemed to last forever so I’m glad that it’s finally Friday! Since it’s Friday, you know what it’s time for – the Milspouse Friday Fill-In. Head over to Wifey’s blog to link up!

1. Facebook or Twitter?

I’m new to the Twitter world – started up about 2 to 3 weeks ago, so I’m still getting used to it. Currently, I still use Facebook more. I do enjoy the anonymity of Twitter though. I do a lot more bitching and complaining on there.

2. Hard Tacos or Soft Tacos?

In my pre-gluten-free days, I would have said soft tacos but now I pretty much limit myself to the hard taco shells since they’re made out of corn. They obviously make soft corn tortillas but I don’t like the taste of them as much as I did the flour ones.

3. Gardening or Crafting?

Neither….I suck at both.

4. Fruit or vegetables?

I don’t mind vegetables for the most part; however, I find that I eat fruit more often. There hasn’t been a fruit that I met that I haven’t liked. I actually had a refreshing and tasty fruit salad for lunch today – red grapes, a fresh peach, and some pineapple.

5. Motorcycle or bicycle?

I’ve had a few friends and an uncle get seriously hurt in motorcycle accidents. E. wants to get one but I’m strongly against this happening in fear that he’ll also get hurt. Bicycles are definitely more my speed. I love my road bike and wish that it would start to cool off during the day so I can ride it again!

I love visitors

One of my best friends that I made while we were stationed in Georgia was passing through my area last Sunday, so her and her family decided to stop by for a short visit. Lisa and I met each other my first semester at CSU. We connected instantly because we were both older than the typical elementary education students. We made sure to match our schedules up so we had the same classes together. We worked on group projects together, swapped notes when studying for tests or writing papers, and observed each other while we were teaching in the classroom. I definitely miss going to class with her!

So back to the visit… Lisa, her husband, and her son stopped by my house for a few hours and then we went out for dinner at Red Robin. This was the first time I had the opportunity to meet Lisa’s little boy. The last time I saw him, he was still in momma’s belly! What an amazing personality this little guy has. He was so curious – wanting to play with Bella and Murphy and to explore every room in my house.
We had a great time catching up at my house and over dinner. They’re supposed to be visiting family over the holidays so hopefully we can get together again. That is one bad thing about moving all the time – you have to leave behind some great friends. I’ll leave you with a few pictures from our visit.

IUI #3 update

I guess I never really updated you all on the status of my next (and last) IUI. After a few minor freak outs on Sunday and Monday, I was able to get the go ahead on Tuesday from Dr. P. to start the injections for IUI #3. I ended up going into the clinic on Tuesday morning to basically stalk Dr. P’s appointment lady. I had actually talked to her on Monday morning but she never got back to me about what to do. I figured that since I was on-post anyway, I might as well just head over to their office to see what I could find out.

After a emotional breakdown in the hallway, we discussed the information that Dr. P. had passed along. First, I was to go down to the lab to make sure my beta was negative because I had been passing clots (they wanted to rule out another chemical pregnancy). If the test was negative (which it was), then I would start the G.onal-F injections that afternoon. I usually go in for the first ultrasound on CD 10; however, they’re out of the office until the 28th. That puts me at CD 12 which is alright with me since I’m usually stimming for 2 and half to 3 weeks anyway. I guess we’ll see what’s going on in there on Thursday. Right now, I’m on the 6th days o injections and trying to be careful not to stick the needle in the bruise that was left behind by my trigger shot over 3 weeks ago. Does this sound strange that I’m still bruised?
I can’t believe that this is our last shot at this. I’m still in disbelief that this last one didn’t work. I can’t believe that if this doesn’t work, we’ll be moving onto IVF. I guess we’ll find out sometime in August if this one worked. Third times a charm, right? We’ll see about that.

Milspouse Friday Fill-In #26

Friday is almost over but I thought I’d still link up for the Friday Fill-In. Head over to Wifey’s blog to learn more about the Milspouse Friday Fill-in and to link up your blog.

1. Do you eat raw cookie dough?

Back in the pre-gluten-free days, I loved eating raw cookie dough! My best friend and I had a bad habit when we could get together over the summer while we were in college. We would go to the grocery store and buy one of those pre-made cookie dough rolls. We would go back to her house, split up the tube of dough, and spend the next few nights snacking on it. So bad but so good at the same time!
2. When you get online for the first time of the day…what site do you immediately head to?

I always head over to fertility friend to record my BBT. If I don’t do it first thing in the morning, I forget about it. I also check out FB to see if E has left me a message.

3. What was your favorite pet as a child and why?

Well unfortunately for me, my parents were never on board on the idea of getting a dog when I was younger. I think this is why we have 2 now. We did get a rabbit, Peanut, when I was in 7th grade. That rabbit would eat anything and everything!
4. If you had a snail that could magically grant wishes, what would you name it?

Uhm I’m not sure. Not feeling particularly witty tonight.

5. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?

I can’t even remember the last time I had a Tootsie Roll Pop. I’m going to go ahead and say maybe 10 or so before I would just bite into it to get to the Tootsie Roll.