Another IUI update

I went in for another ultrasound this morning and holy follies! I have one measuring at 16mm, two at 14mm, and a few at 12 mm. I was afraid that Nurse D was going to tell me that we would have to cancel this cycle. She explained that they wouldn’t make a decision about whether or not to proceed until my blood work came back this afternoon. She gave me the O.vidrel (trigger shot) just in case they would have me trigger over the weekend.

Nurse D called me shortly after lunch and told me that my E2 levels were at 432. Definitely within the correct range. She told me that Dr. P. agreed to go ahead with the IUI on Tuesday! So here’s the plan for the next few days…
Saturday – Last dosage of G.onal – F 75 IUs
Sunday – Trigger shot at 9:30 AM
Monday – no needles! (Finally after 2 long weeks)
Tuesday – IUI at 9:30 AM
So we’re doing the IUI 48 hours after the trigger shot. Last time we did it 36 hours after and we missed ovulation. I kind of panicked about the timing after thinking about it, so I called Nurse D back to talk about it. She explained that Dr. P. wants to wait that long because of the amount of mature follies. They don’t want me to end up with a high number of eggs being ovulated. We’ll see what happens I suppose. I don’t want to be the next Kate G.osselin or O.ctomom! Keep those fingers crossed and prayers coming that this is our cycle!

6 thoughts on “Another IUI update

  1. Maria

    Hi! Just found your blog today! Ur blog is super cute! Wishing you lots of luck this cycle! I know the stresses of iui and timing…hoping and praying for you! Look forward to following! šŸ™‚


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