IUI #2.5 = FAIL

So I’ve been testing since Saturday even though I’ve been seriously cramping since Wednesday. My temperatures have stayed way above the coverline and didn’t drop this morning, so I had a few ounces of hope that I could be pregnant. I got BFNs on Saturday and again this morning. I was planning on not testing until Tuesday morning before my beta draw, but I don’t need to do that anymore. AF showed up in full force this afternoon. My RE is out of the office until the 28th and apparently the voicemail messages aren’t being checked. I’m trying to figure out how to get in contact with someone to make sure it’s ok to start the next round of injections on Tuesday.

I’m a freaking mess. I’m disappointed. I’m angry. I’m sad. I felt for sure that this was our cycle. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I called to leave a message for the hell of it earlier this afternoon and started crying about 5 seconds into the call. I’m almost embarrassed to call back and to try to leave another message. I almost don’t want to go through this last IUI because I don’t want to feel this disappointment again. I know I’ll do it though because we do have one more shot at this before the IVF cycle in the spring. We started this journey in April 2007 – who thought that over 4 years later, we still wouldn’t have a baby of our own?

13 thoughts on “IUI #2.5 = FAIL

  1. A Creed and A Psalm

    oh, girl, I am so so sorry. The hubs and I have been trying now for a while and it's disappointing every time. I feel like every month I can just "feel it in my bones" that I'm pregnant… and then no such luck. We haven't started into any treatments yet, but we've definitely looked at them some. We will add you to our list of bedtime prayers and hope that this last chance works so you don't have to go through the IVF. Hugs!!!!! If it's any consolation, I love being a new follower of your blog πŸ™‚

  2. Diana

    I totally understand ur frustrations 😦 IF totally sucks! All I can say is to let it out and cry. Just cry. it's ok to be sad. But also know that u can't give up on this dream. I'll b thinking of u and hope u find peace soon and a clear mind for ur next step. Big hugs to u.

  3. annoyed army wife

    Ugh, I'm sorry to hear this. That completely sucks. Is there anyway you can call an answering service for the doctor's office? They know how to hunt the doc down, trust me. I'm thinking about you. ***hugs***


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