IUI #3 update

I guess I never really updated you all on the status of my next (and last) IUI. After a few minor freak outs on Sunday and Monday, I was able to get the go ahead on Tuesday from Dr. P. to start the injections for IUI #3. I ended up going into the clinic on Tuesday morning to basically stalk Dr. P’s appointment lady. I had actually talked to her on Monday morning but she never got back to me about what to do. I figured that since I was on-post anyway, I might as well just head over to their office to see what I could find out.

After a emotional breakdown in the hallway, we discussed the information that Dr. P. had passed along. First, I was to go down to the lab to make sure my beta was negative because I had been passing clots (they wanted to rule out another chemical pregnancy). If the test was negative (which it was), then I would start the G.onal-F injections that afternoon. I usually go in for the first ultrasound on CD 10; however, they’re out of the office until the 28th. That puts me at CD 12 which is alright with me since I’m usually stimming for 2 and half to 3 weeks anyway. I guess we’ll see what’s going on in there on Thursday. Right now, I’m on the 6th days o injections and trying to be careful not to stick the needle in the bruise that was left behind by my trigger shot over 3 weeks ago. Does this sound strange that I’m still bruised?
I can’t believe that this is our last shot at this. I’m still in disbelief that this last one didn’t work. I can’t believe that if this doesn’t work, we’ll be moving onto IVF. I guess we’ll find out sometime in August if this one worked. Third times a charm, right? We’ll see about that.

14 thoughts on “IUI #3 update

  1. fiscafamily

    Ugh. Just Ugh. Been blog stalking you this month-was truly hopping that stupid pee stick would have a second line this cycle!!!Sadly I know there is nothing I can say to take the sting away-just know I am sending positive vibes your way!Brooke

  2. Ericka

    Awesome that you are doing the injections again, but sorry to hear about the bruise. You do the gonal in your tummy right? did you do the trigger shot in your tummy too? I do mine in my butt cheek…

  3. Lauren

    Thanks ladies! Erika – Yes, I do all of my injections in my stomach. Been favoring the right side a little more this cycle. I'm going to ask Dr. P on Thursday about the bruising. My bruises have never stuck around for this long.

  4. JustHeather

    I too have bruises that last forever! And I get them very easily.I hope this cycle works for you. I'm also hoping 3rd time's a charm for us to with IVF #3 this fall.Fingers crossed.(ICLW)

  5. Ashley Gollasch

    Hi my name is Ashley and I found your site through Military Monday. We are also going through injections and ttcing. I do follitism, menopur and ovidrel. I will definitely be following your blog!

  6. marilyn

    oh gosh. It really is such a hard thing you are going through. You know I was scared about IVf, but it goes by so quickly. And Ibackor am deathly afraid of needles and such, I shaked a little, fainted too! But really it was mostly in my head. We are all here for you:)

  7. TeamBabyCEO

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. My first IVF cycle I had bruises all over my stomach. This last one I made sure to apply pressure with gauze at the injection site for at least a minute and only ended up with one slight bruise.As for IVF-honestly, it was better than IUIs, more controlled, more of an idea what is going on. I honestly wish I would have gone straight to IVF. The egg retrieval was for me less painful than having a cavity filled. The meds may make you a bit, um, emotional, but if you do go that route (hopefully this IUI is the one) just know it isn't that bad.Best of luck to you!


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