I love visitors

One of my best friends that I made while we were stationed in Georgia was passing through my area last Sunday, so her and her family decided to stop by for a short visit. Lisa and I met each other my first semester at CSU. We connected instantly because we were both older than the typical elementary education students. We made sure to match our schedules up so we had the same classes together. We worked on group projects together, swapped notes when studying for tests or writing papers, and observed each other while we were teaching in the classroom. I definitely miss going to class with her!

So back to the visit… Lisa, her husband, and her son stopped by my house for a few hours and then we went out for dinner at Red Robin. This was the first time I had the opportunity to meet Lisa’s little boy. The last time I saw him, he was still in momma’s belly! What an amazing personality this little guy has. He was so curious – wanting to play with Bella and Murphy and to explore every room in my house.
We had a great time catching up at my house and over dinner. They’re supposed to be visiting family over the holidays so hopefully we can get together again. That is one bad thing about moving all the time – you have to leave behind some great friends. I’ll leave you with a few pictures from our visit.


3 thoughts on “I love visitors

  1. amiracle4us

    Thats one thing about military spouses that I may never understand, how you can open yourselves up time and again to new people to have to leave them! I would be so sad!! Glad you guys were able to reunite 🙂

  2. Kim T.

    Aww it's always nice to get to visit with other spouses that you really connected with!Following you through the Military Monday Blog Hop!


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