IUI #3 update

The clinic is finally open again so yesterday I went in for my first ultrasound of this cycle to check my follies out. The ultrasound tech was late coming in, so Dr. P. was the one to do the ultrasound. I was on CD 12 and only on the 10th day of stimming so I was shocked when Dr. P. asked if I had a trigger shot at home. I was like “No I don’t, but why would I need it so early?” He told me that I had a few, decent sized follies already, but we would have to wait to see what my blood work showed before deciding whether or not I would trigger on Saturday and have the IUI done on Monday morning.

Big shocker (sarcasm) when Nurse D called me in the afternoon with my blood work results. My estradiol levels were only at 52. This situation is looking strangely familiar. IUI #2.0 was cancelled after a high number of follies were seen but my E2 levels didn’t match up. The plan for now is to continue the G.onal – F injections through the weekend and to go back in bright and early on Monday morning for another ultrasound. I’m hoping that my body doesn’t go crazy over the weekend like it did back in March . Hopefully the levels will balance out and we can go forward with this last IUI at the end of the week/beginning of the next. The right side of my stomach is going to get tired of being stuck because I apparently gave myself a hematoma on the left side with the trigger shot last time around. I was told to stop giving myself the G.onal injections in the right side until the bruise is completely healed.

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