Another IUI update

Well it’s CD 30 and day 27 of injections. Last Friday, my estradiol levels surprisingly went from 51 up to 99. Dr. P. made the decision to keep moving forward with the G.onal injections and asked me to come back in Monday (today) morning for another ultrasound and blood draw. Dr. P. was the one who did my ultrasound this morning, so we actually had a chance to talk about this cycle. He told me that many other PCOS patients doing IUI aren’t triggering until after doing injects for 4 weeks – apparently I’m not alone. He agreed though that if my levels weren’t rising, then he would cancel the cycle and put me back on the birth control since P.rovera is a waste of time for me. We would then start all over again sometime in September.

So we saw the giant, worthless follies taking up half the screen again, but also saw two 12mms and one 13mm. I wasn’t even going to get my hopes up when I saw the little ones because I had a few small ones about a week and a half ago and they didn’t do anything. Nurse D usually calls me around 2:30 or 3:00 with my numbers, but she really made me sweat it out this afternoon. She called at 4:00 with some good news. Estradiol levels went up to 168! Finally, finally, finally some good news for this cycle. The plan is to continue with the G.onal until Thursday and go back in for yet another ultrasound and blood draw. If the levels are good and my body doesn’t keep producing more new follies, then I’m going to guess that I’ll trigger over the weekend and have my IUI on Monday. Please let this work!

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