I was really worried that this cycle was going to be a bust already because we ended up doing the IUI about 15 hours after I gave myself the trigger shot on Thursday night. Most doctors won’t do the IUI until at least 24 hours after; however, we had no other options because my clinic is closed on the weekends. I also had some drama with a slightly expired trigger shot (a.k.a. sent myself into a MAJOR panic attack to where I could barely function for about an hour). I was able to get in contact with a pharmacist who told me that it would be safe to use the trigger and that it should work just fine. Now you know me, I tend to be pessimistic about things (do you blame me after 3 and a half years of setbacks and failures?), but lo and behold, Fertility Friend set my ovulation date on Friday, which was the day of IUI #3!!

This is the second cycle where we’ve had “perfect” timing. If this one doesn’t work, I don’t really know if there’s any point to do another round if E. makes it home on time for his R&R.

7 thoughts on “3 DPO

  1. Krissi

    Oh! I really hope that this one works out! All fingers crossed! I love your dogs and hope that you can write a quick post about them and how they have supported you through your journey and link up to my post on Friday. I'm having a Friday Friend Link up ~ this week's topic is furry friends! 😉 Stopping by from ICLW! (#52)

  2. JM

    First off, this WILL work. Second, entertaining the REMOTE possibility right now that it won't, I wouldn't rule out trying again up until your IVF. Even in a perfectly timed cycle, things can go wrong that have NOTHING to do with when sperm meets egg.But third, this WILL work.


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