And so it begins again

Well the ultrasound this morning revealed that the 3 cysts from last cycle did indeed rupture. That intense pain I felt the entire week last week – yah that was the cysts bursting. I don’t think I’ve been in more pain and I certainly don’t want to go through that again! The ultrasound tech saw some residual bleeding, but everything else looked clear and ready for another medicated cycle.

I spoke with Dr. P. and Nurse D. after the ultrasound and explained the situation about E’s R&R. I can’t say exactly when he’ll be coming home due to OPSEC; however, I can say we need to drag this cycle out for a few weeks. Theoretically this shouldn’t be a problem since I always trigger later than most women do.
Before explaining the situation to Dr. P., he was reviewing my chart from the last IUI and was thinking about adding M.enopur into the mix. I asked him why he wanted to do that and he said it would hopefully produce the follies faster. We definitely don’t want to do that this time around! I guess I should probably count on using this drug if and when we go through IVF though.
We also talked about my 10 day LP. He said he was surprised that CD 1 was so heavy since I never stopped taking the progesterone up until that point. We decided that I’ll be doing 2 E.ndometrin suppositories a day after this IUI. Hopefully that lengthens my LP.
I go back in for my first monitoring ultrasound and blood draw next Wednesday morning. They wanted to bring me in on Friday, but I’m driving home for my best friend’s baby shower. This weekend I get to work on her baby shower favors. I literally drove all around town today trying to hunt down pink M and M’s. Who knew they would be so hard to find? I’ll be assembling the favors all weekend since I need to make 18. I’ll post some pictures once they’re complete.
This is definitely our last shot at getting pregnant through IUI. There is no frozen sperm left and we’re not shelling out another $520 to freeze again. My body needs a break from all of the hormones anyway.
Oh and the only positive to this past cycle not working – somehow I managed to lose 4 pounds. I guess I can attribute that to having absolutely no appetite last week. Back to my goal weight. Woo!

3 thoughts on “And so it begins again

  1. JM

    Sounds like a great plan! What injectables are you on? I guess I just assumed the whole world was on menopur like me :)Jealous you managed to drop weight!!! I'm still up. Now I have to go and drown my sorrows in a wedge of brie.


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