Pinterest fun

So I may be addicted to Pinterest (definitely addicted). I thought I would dedicate a post to some of the recipes that I would like to try out when E is home for R&R. I absolutely love cooking and baking and am looking forward to cooking for 2 and baking up some goodies while he’s here for a short time.

Pumpkin chocolate chip brownies – I love, love, love baked goods with pumpkin in it. I’ll have to change up a few ingredients to make the recipe gluten free, so I’m hoping they turn out good.
Cream cheese pumpkin bread – Pumpkin + cream cheese. Can it get any better?
Hot spinach and artichoke dip – This will be great with some chips and NFL football.
BLTA and butternut and acorn squash soup – We love our soup and sandwich nights around here!
Asparagus, pea, and saffron risotto – I’ve never made risotto before, but I’d love to try it out.

What are some of your favorite recipes you’ve found on Pinterest?


2 thoughts on “Pinterest fun

  1. Mrs. O

    Never heard of Pinterest so I will have to look at it. But it is official your post made me hungry :)I also wanted to let you know I nominated you for a blog award :)


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