Some Black Friday Humor

Being a former retail employee and knowing the craziness associated with Black Friday has inspired me NOT to participate in the shopping insanity. Instead of shopping, I’m spending the day getting a jump start on my last week of school, cuddling with the pups, and watching movies. Baby watch also continues. My best friend is now officially 1 week past her due date, but 3 cm dilated! Finally! Come on baby girl!

I came across some fun Black Friday pins on Pinterest that I thought I’d share. Hope everyone participating in Black Friday got what they were looking for, even though I do think you’re all a bit crazy 🙂

Source: via Alanna on Pinterest

Source: via Andre on Pinterest

Source: via Kayla on Pinterest


4 thoughts on “Some Black Friday Humor

  1. Ericka

    Thank you for your comments. Sorry about your cycle…I was kind of wondering if the Provera was going to work for me this cycle…it usually happens MUCH earlier than 8 days after the pills…actually, it usually starts during the pills for me. Anyhow, I stayed home all day today too…cleaned bathrooms and dusted and washed dogs and did a ton of laundry…really should have done homework, but now will have to work on it tonight. I am actually still in my PJ's which is a HUGE rarity for me…oh well. It's been a good day.

  2. Megan

    Did you see on the news that this really happened? Apparently a man collapsed on a floor and people just stepped over him. He later died at the hospital. 😦 So ridiculous. Black Friday is EVIL. Please come check out my blog–I gave you an award!

  3. ~she~

    Wow…I can't imagine seeing people get trampled! I would probably just stand there and bawl my eyes out! I shop online in my pajamas! 🙂


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