The New Plan

It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about TTC, but now that this deployment is almost over with, it’s finally time to jump back on the rollercoaster.

I talked to Nurse D last Thursday about the lack of ovulation and the fact that I haven’t had a cycle day 1 since our IUI #4 failure back in October. Since P.rovera does absolutely nothing for me, we decided that going back on the BCP would be the best option. Of course I had to go into the lab on Friday to take yet another blood pregnancy test. She called me back today to let me know that the test was negative (like we didn’t know that already) and to start the BCP today. Since I have to have an HSG done, I’ll be starting the BCP on Wednesday since radiology isn’t back from the holidays until January 3rd, which should be cycle day 1. I’ll stay on the BCP for one more cycle, then we will begin injections for IUI #5 – our last one before IVF #1.
Dr. P. wanted me to do a G.onal/M.enopur combo for IUI #4, but since we had to stretch out the cycle because of E’s R&R, I only used the G.onal. Hopefully the new combo will reduce the stimming time from 3 and a half weeks to hopefully 1 and a half. After the IUI, I’ll take the E.ndometrin twice a day until I get my BFP or AF rears her ugly head.
Hopefully E gets home before the beginning of February, otherwise IUI #5 will probably not happen. I know I’ll have to start BCP for the IVF cycle towards the end of March. Cross your fingers that he gets home in time and that this works so we don’t have to pursue IVF. It’s time for something to work out for us, isn’t it?

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