A real update

I guess it’s about time to sit down and write a post about what’s been going on now that I have some motivation to write. The past 3 months have basically been a whirlwind of studying, writing papers, and completing observation hours.

I finished up my finals about 2 weeks ago and my final grades have finally been posted. I’m happy to report that my 4.0 lives on! At the beginning of the quarter, I thought that this quarter would be easy. Boy was I wrong. I think this was by far the hardest quarter so far. I worked my butt off, was exposed to topics that I haven’t studied before, and found that I love working with ESL students. I’m even considering getting an add-on certification to work with ESL students once I finish up my master’s/initial certification. I start my last quarter of classes on January 9th. I have 3 classes – World Geography, Mathematics Instruction, and Child Development. Hopefully the classes are interesting!
In addition to finishing up my classes, I’ll also be finishing up my P.raxis tests that are required for certification. I take my content knowledge test (the one that I’m dreading) on January 9th and the curriculum test sometime in mid-March.
Finally, I got my student teaching assignment. I will be working with 5th grade students and couldn’t be more excited about my placement. The class is small (only 15 students) and they work in small groups for the majority of the day. The small group setting will provide me with some great opportunities to practice differentiation in lesson planning and provide more one-on-one support to students. Graduation is June 15th – the countdown is on!
Since the quarter ended, I’ve been doing a whole bunch of nothing. Too much time on the computer and in front of the television. While I enjoy the lack of school stress, I’m bored! However with all of my free time, I managed to get all of my Christmas shopping and wrapping done early. I also made some homemade Christmas gifts for friends and started on my baking. I told myself that I would limit the baking this year, but once again, I found myself adding more cookies to the list. Today I made chocolate walnut fudge, chocolate crinkle cookies, and shortbread cookies. Tomorrow, I’ll finish up with pumpkin snickerdoodles and peanut butter blossoms.
E surprised me with some awesome anniversary presents. He sent me a beautiful bouquet of Christmas flowers and bought me a sapphire ring. Great presents this year, E!
I’m looking forward to heading home for the holidays. First, I’ll be spending a few days with my BFF and my little niece. I’m beyond excited to have some girl time! After my visit, I’ll be spending a few days with my parents and then a few days with E’s family. I have plans to hang out with some high school and college friends and to go bridesmaid dress shopping for a July wedding that I’ll be in.
With Christmas approaching, the end of deployment is also approaching. We have a general idea of when E will be home and it’s getting closer every day. I can’t wait for him to come home. We’re planning on having a late Christmas/anniversary celebration. I got him a few small presents and we’re also thinking about taking a weekend trip to somewhere nice. Maybe Asheville or Savannah. We’ll have to see what the weather is like when he gets home.
Of course I have to end this post with some pictures of the pups. I’m not sure if I’ll be posting over the holidays, so I want to say Happy Holidays to all of my readers! Enjoy the time spent with family and friends!

5 thoughts on “A real update

  1. JustHeather

    Congrats on keeping up your grades! You Go Girl!!Love the pictures. The pups are definitely cute.If you've got time and the willingness, I'd love to hear about the peanut butter blossom cookies. 🙂

  2. JustHeather

    p.s. I made my crinkle dough last night and as soon as I get the energy today (it has better be soon), I'm going to bake them! I've still got coconut macaroons to bake also. I'm already tired!


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